Duck egg vs chicken egg

Duck egg vs chicken egg, both types of eggs are nutritious, but duck eggs offer some unique qualities. Let’s compare them:   Size and appearance: Duck eggs are generally 50–100% larger than chicken eggs. Duck eggshells can be white, pale gray, green, black, or blue, while chicken eggshells are typically white or brown. Duck yolks Duck egg vs chicken egg

Some facts about the goose egg

Goose eggs are fascinating and quite different from chicken eggs. Let’s dive into the world of these giant eggs:   Size and appearance: goose eggs are some of the largest eggs you’ll ever see. They have thick, hard, white shells and an ovoid shape. Most geese lay around 40 to 50 eggs per year, which Some facts about the goose egg

Why don’t we eat turkey eggs

We don’t commonly eat turkey eggs because turkeys lay fewer eggs compared to chickens, and the eggs are larger and have a stronger flavor. Additionally, turkeys take longer to mature and start laying eggs, making turkey eggs less practical for commercial production and more difficult to sell. However, turkey eggs can be eaten and are Why don’t we eat turkey eggs

New egg pasteurisation and packing set M-350

Designed for egg manufacturing companies producing and recovering egg mass for further processing, guaranteed return of investment.   The set consists of the following components: pasteurizer, heating/cooling unit, shell filter, filling machine (with a pump) for Bag in Box bags. The pasteurized eggs market has experienced a significant growth, and is expected to grow considerably New egg pasteurisation and packing set M-350

Unusual facts about eggs

The egg is one of Salvador Dali’s favorite motifs.Hundred-year-old eggs are a characteristic dish of Chinese cuisine, stored from several weeks to several months. There are also connoisseurs who keep them for even years.The cooking time for a hard-boiled ostrich egg is about 2.5 hours.We check the freshness of an egg by placing the egg Unusual facts about eggs

New semi-automatic egg feeder SAF

Engineers from the OVO-TECH design department are working to build a high-performance semi-automatic egg feeder named SAF. It is intended to reduce the number of service staff and automate the operation of machines with the highest efficiency of 26,000-52,000 eggs per hour. We will provide more information about this innovative machine soon. GO BACK

FM filling machine by OVO-TECH

The FM filling machine has been designed so that egg mass can be poured into aseptic BagInBox bags under sterile conditions. The machine can fill bags with various types of liquid food, including juices, concentrated juices, wines and water. After the bagging operation, the machine’s pipes and pump can be washed through a pre-programmed cleaning FM filling machine by OVO-TECH