Designed for egg manufacturing companies producing and recovering egg mass for further processing, guaranteed return of investment.


The set consists of the following components: pasteurizer, heating/cooling unit, shell filter, filling machine (with a pump) for Bag in Box bags.

The pasteurized eggs market has experienced a significant growth, and is expected to grow considerably in next few years (CAGR over 10% each year, the market was worth about 75 billion in 2022, projected to grow to 135 billion by 2027). Increase in the demand for pasteurized eggs globally is due to its health benefits associated with it. Trend of fitness is growing globally in youths, for which the protein rich pasteurized eggs are most consumed food. Application of pasteurized egg in food industry as sausage, dressing, and other applications is increasing demand of pasteurized eggs in global market. As pasteurization kills harmful bacteria from eggs, these eggs healthy and also protect consumers from various diseases, which is one of the reasons consumers are leaning toward pasteurized eggs.